I’m an enthusiastic design strategist based in India. Over the years of education, I have been equipped with the theoretical and practical exposure towards graphics and ergonomics and undertook several real world projects.

Those projects were focussed on the consumer-centered design process and methodologies giving me the opportunity to elicit end consumer requirements, build working prototypes and carry out ethnography studies. Building on the knowledge and experiences have gained, I’m developing a career in strategist graphics design and digital marketer creating products and services that deliver effective and productive output. 

I believe in a simple yet impactul marketing experience . Utilising appropriate design insights, criteria development tools and synthesis processes for development of underlying design rationale & design down selection & recommendation by
1. Conducting the research
2. Brainstorming session with team
3. Strategy Design

Contribute towards successful design strategy through –
1. Communication – mature problem framing and data evaluation through communication design
2. Leadership – a holistic approach to design, ideation  sessions, encourage other to be empowered by strategy design thinking in their design processes.
3. Teamwork – continually collaborate with fellow team members, faster and inspire new ways to work more effectively.